Weekly Nephrology/Health IT News Roundup :: April 6, 2012

Meaningful Use to the Max
Instead of striving for “meaningful use” of electronic health records, health-care providers aiming to provide accountable care should shoot for “optimal use” of EHRs.


When Weighing in on Stage 2, Specificity Matters
While NPRM commenting can seem almost like a sport “inside the beltway,” increasing numbers of healthcare providers are realizing that these particular regulations will have a very practical impact on their everyday practices in an increasingly electronic healthcare world.


HIT Policy Panel Wants to Adjust Some MU2 HIE Plans
The Health IT Policy Committee began hashing over some information exchange requirements contained in the meaningful use stage 2 proposed rule that it might recommend refining or revising in comments that the advisory group is preparing for the May 7 deadline.


RxEOB: Mobile Soon to Be Necessary Part of ‘Meaningful Use’
So far, incentive program for “meaningful use” of electronic health records has not required any mobile component, nor may it ever, but mobility is fast becoming a de facto necessity for achieving meaningful use in many clinical settings.


Experts Recommend Single Registry to Oversee Kidney Transplant Donations
Leaders in the field of kidney transplantation recommended last week that a single nationwide registry should oversee the complex matching process needed to expand the use of transplant chains and other forms of paired donation.


Lessons Shared from Transmission of Hepatitis C Infection to Patients
An extensive investigation into hepatitis C infections in three transplant patients led investigators to uncover the route of transmission.

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